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Why Solar pumping?

Of all the benefits solar energy has brought and continues to bring to mankind, none has made such a difference in the daily lives of humans and people as water pumping. By providing water for drinking, irrigation and livestock, solar water pumping has brought clear benefits to rural areas and remote communities.

rutan solar water pump
Rutanpump soalr water pump

Resourceful and free, solar pumpers offer economically viable and technically practical solutions that are becoming commonplace in agricultural applications and are considered an emerging solution for providing water to disadvantaged and less fortunate communities.

Using sophisticated and proven technology, solar energy powers pumps that transport water from wells, ponds and other water sources to the ground and to end-use sites. As a result, water is pumped and delivered to storage locations or directly to consumers whenever sunlight is available. This avoids the hassle of battery storage, which makes solar PV applications unappealing in many cases.

Compared to diesel generators, solar water pump is considered a more economically viable solution due to lower operating expenses (Opex) associated with fuel supply and maintenance costs, as well as a reduced carbon footprint. Tens of thousands of solar water pumps are in operation around the world, especially in areas outside of power lines to meet consumption needs and produce optimal results during sunny seasons when water demand is at its peak.

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