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Solar water pump System Design

A good solar pumping system is properly designed and sized to suit the job requirements. Various designs exist for various applications and require research and technical design to avoid inadequate system performance or unnecessary costs.


Unlike traditional utility or private generator powered systems where large pumps are usually installed to pump large amounts of water whenever electricity is available, solar PV pumping systems require more frugality as the system components are really expensive and efforts need to be made to minimize the cost of setting up the system.

During the design phase, the system designer needs to decide whether the system will be grid-tied or off-grid, with or without storage, with batteries or with overhead tanks for storage. They need to decide on the type of pump to be used and whether the application will require a submersible or above ground pump, and whether to use AC or DC power. These are all factors that affect the performance of the system and the viability of the proposed solution.

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