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Solar water pump Applications

Solar Water Pumps are mainly used for irrigation applications in remote and rural areas, where the demand is mainly. However, solar pumps are also used for various other applications such as domestic water supply, livestock watering and irrigation.

Rutanpump Brushless soalr water pump
Rutanpump Brushless soalr water pump

Domestic water supply

Private homes, camps, villages, rural medical centers and other facilities use solar energy to pump water from underground sources. These pumps can be powered by a series of completely dedicated solar panels, or they can simply be part of an electrical load connected to a series of solar panels used to power homes, clinics, camps, etc. The first is a centralized solar pump, where a large pump supplies water to a village or group of villages, or a neighborhood; the second is decentralized, where each home or facility has its own solar pump system that powers a small pump sufficient to meet the household's water needs.

Many decentralized applications use batteries for power storage, as they tend to use solar panels to power their own homes, which require storage during non-sunlight hours.

Irrigation and livestock watering

Farms, orchards, vineyards and home gardens use solar pumps for irrigation and livestock watering, especially those located in remote and off-grid areas. Whenever sunlight is available, water is usually pumped and delivered to the irrigation area or to where cattle are kept. Some applications store water in elevated tanks that can retain water from one season to the next.

Solar pumping is best suited for applications that require low flow rates and low pressure, making open canals and drip irrigation the most suitable methods to combine with solar PV pumping.

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