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Operation and Maintenance Guidelines

Solar PV pumping systems are characterized by their simplicity, unattended operation, and low maintenance requirements as compared to conventional systems. Except for the pump itself, there are no moving parts that would require periodic maintenance and incur additional costs every time maintenance is performed.

In the case of battery usage for energy storage, which is not a very good idea, maintenance and battery replacement would be required every four years on average. There are some modern batteries that can live up to 8 years but are still considered expensive and would require very delicate preventive maintenance that might not be present in typical solar PV pumping applications (mainly in rural and remote regions).

For the other components, the PV modules are considered sturdy and strong enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions coming with a warranty of 10 years, an expected lifetime of more than 25 years, and normally an efficiency maintenance guarantee that ensures efficiency drop doesn’t exceed 20% over the period of 25 years.

The pump normally lives for more than 8 years and can reach 14 years if well maintained. Usually it is sold with a 2 year-warranty and spare part availability.

Other than that, only occasional inspection and regular maintenance is required, at no cost, to make sure the system is doing fine and avoid losses due to dust or other residues sticking to the panel. It is essential to properly operate and maintain the pumping system to achieve high efficiency and reliable operations.

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