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From the time immemorial, the sun has been the prime source of energy for all forms

of life on earth. The energy we derive from fuel-wood, fossil fuels, hydroelectricity

and our food originates indirectly from the sun.

Solar energy is virtually inexhaustible. The total energy we receive from the sun far

exceeds our energy needs. It is probably the most reliable form of energy available

everywhere and to everyone, unlike other sources. With dwindling supplies of

petroleum, gas and coal, tapping solar energy is a logical and necessary course of


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, water is the second most important need,

after clean air, for survival of human being. According to UNEP report more than

6,000 children are killed by contaminated water every day, 3.5 billion people, about

half the world’s population, will face a water crisis by 2025.

The amount of water available to human beings on earth, the so-called Water Planet,

is less than widely believed. The future of human beings depends upon on whether

we can use the scarce water sources with care and efficiency.

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